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Kursy Walut

Kursy Walut NBP z dnia:

Dolar 1USD = 2.9641 PLN
Euro 1EUR = 3.9603 PLN


Serwis Bilecik.Info jest całkowicie polskim produktem, wykonanym i nadzorowanym przez polską firmę informatyczną ROTOS FUH działającą od 1994 roku
w Polsce.

Adres do korespondencji:
02-477 Warszawa,
ul. Fasolowa 36
Skrytka Pocztowa nr 6
Dopisek: "Bilecik.Info"

Telefony i email:
tel.: (+48.22)-201-35-35
fax: (+48.22)-201-35-45


Promocja PREPAID

Doładowanie kart
telefonicznych bez stresu.
Tak/Tak,Sami Swoi.


Jak kupowac bileciki (How to Buy )
Jak kupować / How to buy
1. Select the event., select numbered seat/pass.
Select by clicking or typing the number of seats by the tickets.

2. type in your contact data such as name, individual password for this purchase, telephone and e-mail address for sending purchase confirmation. For some events, it is possible to select the method of shipping, which must also be marked together with the address to which the tickets will be sent.
We recommend registering to our portal. It will help in the purchase processes.

3. after checking the data and types of the selected tickets on the next form, go forward to the credit card payment authorization system by cliking "Płacę Kartą". If you do not have a credit card, you may make the payment by wire transfer.

After you have selected payment by credit card, you will be forwarded to the credit card payment authorization system. After having made the payment at eCard, click the "POWRÓT" button on the eCard form or wait for 15 second for automatic return to

After having made the payment, it is necessary to return to the portal in order to mark the purchase as paid for and the portal to receive the information about that form the VISA authorization system.

4. After returning to the portal after having made the payment, the virtual online ticket ought to be printed or write down all important information from the virtual ticket in order to collect the original ticket in the box office at event site.
We recommend printing the online ticket, which prevents from any mistakes; consequently, 100% ensured getting the original ticket.
Some events allow being let in by showing the online ticket printout only. Such info will be included in the description.

The printed virtual online ticked does not contain the password for the purchase. The password should be written down on the ticket before collecting the original ticket. This safety measure ensures a safe purchase of the ticket and printing it in a internet café as the password is shown only in the purchase confirmation e-mail and not on the online printout.

5. After correctly classified purchase transaction, the service will send purchase confirmation automatically to the e-mail given before. Based on the data include in the e-mail, it is possible to print the online ticket using other computer. Do you want to surprise someone with a present? No problem :)
Send the link that generates the online ticket via e-mail or a complete printout via fax and the give the password by phone or SMS :)

6. if you do not have a printer, write down all important information from the online printout.

-ID transaction identification (the number on the left side of the ticket on the screen)
-Name and Surname of the person which finalized the transaction
-System Password (Capital, lowercase letters apply!!!)
-Purchase password of that ticket (the ticket is INVALID without that password)
Take the printout or the written down data and go the the box office of the organizer in order to collect the original ticket or to be admitted directly to the event after showing the online printout. If such option is possible, it will be stated in the description.
Are you uncertain as to the purchase and the method? Write to as at .

7. Payment by wire transfer ( polski )
If the buyer does not have a credit/debit card accepted by the eCard authorization system, the purchase may be made by transferring the amount to our bank account.
The procedure is not automatic, so the following data must be sent to us vie e-mail :

-Date of the event
-The name of the organizer
-Row / seat(s)
-Name, Surname
-Contact phone number
-E-mail to which to send the purchase confirmation
-Password for these specific tickets
-Type of Bank*
-Address to which to send the tickets(delivery option)

E- Electronic account Inteligo, Mbank, Multibank, Other
K- Classical Branch of a Bank and payment made at the Branch of the Bank
P- Money order
(*Please put in the letter from the legend. It helps to estimate the time of the realization of the transfer.)
-After receiving all the data, we unlock the specified tickets for the buyer until the realization of the wire transfer * we also send the details for the payment of the particular purchase.

After receiving the wire transfer:

-we send the buyer a link that allows printing the virtual online ticket that includes all the data necessary to receive the original ticket at the box office at event site or we send the ticket to the specified address for purchases with the delivery option.

After printing the virtual online ticket from the website, the original ticket ought to be collected from the box office of the organizer but not sooner than on the day of the event.
The details of each event include information as to how to collect the ticket and what are the organizer's rules of selling online tickets.

Please remember to write down the password for the particular purchase on the ticket. The virtual ticket without valid password is UNCONDITIONALY invalid!!!

NOTE: * the wire transfer payment procedure can be realized not later than 3-7 days prior to the event !!! depending on the type of your bank account. Transfers from the Electronic accounts Inteligo, Multibank,Mbank are realized almost instantly.

8. After collecting the tickets at the box office, or receiving them by post, all you have to do is go to the event and have a good time. We wish you a splendid entertainment; visit us again for more successful shopping.


Akceptujemy karty i e-przelewy:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Płace z Inteligo
  • mTransfer
  • Multitransfer
  • Inne elektr. formy
  • Przelew klasyczny

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